About Interlease

As the founders of InterLease, we have been associated with the financial and dealer industry for over a dozen years, providing solutions to the largest Polish companies.

We are professionals and we understand our clients’ needs. We operate throughout Europe, and the main area of our activity is to provide vehicle rental and leasing services operated by our partners – top brands on CFM market.


Paweł Dzikowski
InterLease Founder and Owner

With dozen years of presence on CFM market I have an extensive experience in providing services to companies from both the SME sector and leading Polish brands and groups. Thanks to my extensive knowledge of rental and leasing market, fluent use of English and goal-oriented nature, l earn the trust among my clinets.
I find myself as a specialist valued on the CFM market, what is confirmed by references presented on the website.

Privately, I am lucky married with two children and the cat, interested in economics and politics. Passionate about trading, fundamental analysis and the Fibonacci sequence.

From the beginning of our activity, we set new trends in the leasing and rental market. Our mission is to provide the best, flexible solutions that will be tailored to the various expectations of customers and their business needs.

As InterLease, we focus on achieving the maximum satisfaction of each client with the decision to set up the cooperate with us. Presenting our partners’ car leasing and rental offers are our foundations, but it is not the only area of our activity.

We focus primarily on the selection of the most adequate solutions depending on the individual needs and business situation of our clients.

We have an extensive offer for every company, regardless of its size.

We introduce new solutions, optimize the fleet and help our clients to develop

Our vision:

  • Products and services maximally suited to the needs and expectations of customers
  • Service for each entity at the highest level, regardless of whether it is an SME or large enterprise entity
  • No hidden costs, transparency of the contract content
  • Individual approach to each client, also carrying out unconventional orders

Sam Walton - Wallmart founder

High expectations are the key to everything.
Our values

Interlease is created by people with extensive experience, commitment and passion for work. They are the foundation of our company's success


Our overriding goal is the maximum commitment in meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.


The foundation of our activity is cooperation with contractors based on trust and mutual respect.

Knowledge and education

The constant changes in tax regulations , the market and provided services require from us constant education and improvement of our competences. Only then will we still be the best at what we do.


In each case, we make every effort to ensure that the proposed offer meets 100% of the current needs of the client. Due to the fact that we act responsibly, we gain the trust of an increasing number of customers.


Each of our vehicles can have a GPS module installed, which can be used to report employee work, while the SafeDriving module will contribute to increasing the level of safety and driving culture.