In the vast majority of InterLease offers, the client may be a person running a business and commercial companies.

Yes, an indyvidual may be a side of the medium term rental contract.

In relation to companies and indyviduals running their business - CEIDG or the National Court Register entry is necessary. In some cases, financial documents for the previous year may also be useful.
For indyviduals - 2 IDs with photo are sufficient.

The processing of the rental or leasing contract consists of the following stages:
- customer's choice of the subject and form of financing
- the customer submitting a request for an offer, e.g. via the contact form
- customer acceptance of one of Interlease's offers and presentation of the required documents for analysis
- after a positive decision by the InterLease partner, signing the contract directly with the InterLease partner providing the service
- payment by the customer initial fee or deposit (if necessary)
- after the contract is properly signed and the customer has made all the required payments, the dealer's process of order fulfillment begins
- after receiving the necessary documents from the dealer, the Interlease partner registers and insures the vehicle
- the customer picks up the vehicle directly from the InterLease partner that provides the service

All costs associated with the basic service are included in the agreed monthly rental / leasing rate. Additional costs may result from additional services ordered, e.g. D2D vehicle transport, monitoring services, etc.

In individual cases, a returnable deposit equal to 1 or 2 gross monthly rents is required to conclude a rental / leasing contract by an InterLease partner. After the contract is closed, the vehicle is returned and all receivables are settled, the deposit is returned to the customer's account by the InterLease partner providing the service.

Most often, cars are picked up at authorized showrooms that fulfill orders. For an additional fee, we can provide D2D transport service throughout Europe.

A person who is a side of the contract may dispose the vehicle in any way making it available to any person who has a valid driving license.

Yes, the vehicles that are the subject of the rental or leasing contract can travel to the European Union countries as well as Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain.

Yes, in the majority of InterLease offers the service includes vehicle insurance

Most often agreements are signed for a period of 24 to 48 months.

Yes, in individual cases it is possible and requires recalculation of the contract (extension of the contract) or payment of an administrative fee (shortening of the contract)

The purchase value in the lease agreement is the value at which the customer can purchase the vehicle subject to the agreement from Interlease at the end of the lease contract. The purchase value, also known as the residual value, is determined before the lease agreement signing and allows the customer to buy the vehicle at the end of the contract at a price that is significantly different from the market value.