Operating lease

Leasing is one of the possibilities of vehicle financing.

It is a solution for companies that need only fleet financing services, without the need for additional maintenance services. This solution allows full control of your car fleet budget thanks to fixed monthly payments throughout the duration of the contract. Off-balance sheet financing under the l leasing of cars improves your company’s financial liquidity and allows you to settle installments as tax deductible costs and gives you the opportunity to deduct VAT in the amount allowed by law.

The cars are put into service under the leasing agreement. The duration of the contract is from 24 to 48 months, and after its termination it is possible to buy financed cars.

Benefits for your company:

  • favorable financial conditions determined individually
  • initial payment in the range from 10% to 40% thanks to which the monthly fees will be tailored to your financial capabilities
  • buyout from 1% at the end of the contract or the ability to set a high final value with risk on our side
  • full control of the budget allocated to the company car

Tax Benefits:

  • leasing installments remain tax deductible
  • the possibility of deducting VAT from the monthly fee in the amount allowed by law